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Our 6-step website design process takes you through everything you need for your business website. At Kaese Designs we use a proven selection of plugins and themes to create great website packs for small and medium-sized businesses.

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Web Design

All web page design is always approached trying to give life to the vision of our client. So we collect as much information as possible to make sure your design is exactly what you envision.

Step 1: Gathering Information

We first send you an email with a Google form with some questions. It is a good tool to get to know you and your business goals. Once filled, we move on to the next step.

Step 2: Research and Wireframes

Fifteen days after receiving your questionnaire, we will provide you with a wireframe. In a wireframe you see the design in black and white, helping to focus on the overall concept. Once approved, we will request the content to add it and make a complete mockup. 

Step 3: Request and Add Content

In this step we will provide you with a list of the necessary content (images, text, etc.) to finalize the website. We ask that you submit all content within seven days. That way, we can meet project deadlines.

Web Development

There are many ways to solve the same problems in web development, but with our combination of recommended software, your website will run at peak performance.

Step 4: Deliver Mockup

After receiving your content, we will deliver a complete mockup with all attached content. If necessary, we will make changes and go to the next step.

Step 5: Start Developing
Once the mockup has been approved, we will begin to build the site and deliver it within fifteen days. Once we deliver the final product, we will proceed to review it.
Step 6: Present Final Product and Review
Any necessary changes during our review will be made in three to five business days, depending on the complexity of the changes. For the final product, we will meet and review the website to make sure you do not want any more changes and that it is working well. Ready!?

Stages of Design


We get to know you, listen to you and then define the guidelines of your brand.


We will know what inspires you and we will show it in the initial concept of your website.


We will adjust your design and make sure you are 100% satisfied. New ideas may arise.


When you're satisfied, then, and only then, we will start building your company's digital home.

Featured Projects

Web Design and Development


A Freelancer marketplace established in Spain. Their vision is to provide a place for the Spanish-speaking community of freelancers to offer their services to businesses around the world digitally.

Re-Design & Web Development

The Piano Express

Piano Express provides a place for children to learn piano in a fun and hands-on way. They offer group and online classes.

Re-Design & Web Development

The Piano Express

Piano Express provides a place for children to learn piano in a fun and hands-on way. They offer group and online classes.

Re-Design & Web Development

Purple Dental Lab

Purple Dental Lab is a manufacturer and distributor of dental equipment.

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Hello! I'm Sergio, co-founder and developer at Kaese

With more than five years of experience creating websites and over seven in graphic design, Kaese was born. I took a turn in my career as a graphic designer because I realized how much I enjoyed designing and developing websites. We are a small team for now, but on behalf of the three of us, we would like to say that we are just a group of creatives and entrepreneurs who love to bring your vision to life.

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